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A leap from sportswear to casual  

Sweatshirt is a kind of loose fit sweaters mostly made of thick knitwear, sometimes thickened. The word “sweatshirt” is of English origin and means “sweater” and “shirt”. Why the second part of the word is “shirt” is a mystery to us. Like a lot of other garments, men’s sweatshirts have moved from sportswear to casual wear. Oddly enough, the predecessors of sweatshirts were ordinary woolen sweaters. Sportsmen wore them during trainings. They preferred gray color as it retained a good appearance for much longer. These sweaters allowed the sportsmen not to get too cold during and after trainings.  

In the 30s the sweaters were replaced by sweatshirts and so they stayed forever. 

Surprisingly, men’s sweatshirts are directly connected with women’s overalls. In 1922, Benjamin Russell, an American student, offered to alter the top of woman’s overalls and make it a sweatshirt for his football team. After the release of the first batch, this garment caused a stir in the market. The new sweater became popular among the football players, then the trend was picked up by baseball teams, followed by athletes, and finally all the other sportsmen.

In the same period, the company “Champion” pioneered the use of flocking, i.e. a specific method of imprinting onto fabrics. The material of the sweatshirts which were produced at the time was perfect for this kind of imprinting. This is how sweatshirts with branded names of football teams became a new trend.

Nowadays, there are many different models with prints and without them, bright and delicate shades, with a high neck and a V-neck. You can choose what you like best, just write “buy men’s sweatshirt” in the search bar. 

Men’s sweatshirts by Aviatsiya Halychyny 

We could not ignore this type of clothing, as it is the most comfortable and cross-functional. It is convenient to wear it during travel, daily strolls, to work, unless, of course, you have to follow a formal business style that requires ties and jackets.

Our men’s sweatshirts have an original cut that consists of several multi-colored inserts and a restrained print. Each sweatshirt belongs to one of the collections being a continuation of the story our polos and T-shirts tell. 

We sew our clothes from a three-cord thread fabric (brushback and non-brushback). That’s why you may choose a variant for any weather.

You can buy our men’s sweatshirts in Lviv and Kyiv at branded stores or on the website.